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Sports and life lessons


Our boys love sports!  They are energetic, competitive and love the outdoors!  So, sports are a great outlet for them!

S is our oldest!  He is 14 now, but when he was 7, he started playing football!  It was love at first snap!  He loves the contact and thrives on the action!  D is now 11, and he started playing football at age 7 also!  Thankfully, my husband loves football and has had the privilege of coaching their team.

Each of our boys have played soccer and enjoyed that as well!

D loves baseball!  He usually plays short stop.  In the first game last year, he hit two grand slams!  I think he loves the team atmosphere as much as the game!

L is 8.  He played soccer this past fall!  He says it’s his favorite!

I love the fast pace of the game of soccer!  My boys are always exhausted after the game!

I often wonder what our 4 year old daughter, E, will enjoy! Right now, her interests are ballet, juneastics (gymnastics), and soccer. She wants her daddy to be her coach!


Kids sports often get bad publicity!  We have consistently had great coaches for our boys.  We have encountered coaches on other teams who were out of control and taking things too seriously!  If our boys had been on those teams, the season may have ended early (mamabear).

We parents sometimes take the game too seriously….our babies are out on the field giving their entire heart to this “fun” sport!  Sometimes, we don’t remember in the heat of the battle, that the goal is good sportsmanship and fun! But, that really should be the goal! Our kids have to learn to deal with loss and heartache and disappointment!


Sports have provided our boys with great life lessons….

Someone has to lose!  Every child cannot be a winner! Losing builds character and humility!

The referees will make calls that seem unfair…they are only human!

Everything won’t go your way, even if you give 100%!

Other people may cheat or “play dirty,” but you must always strive to play with integrity! Your best is not the next persons best!  Your attitude means everything!


We are raising four blessings, seeking family adventure, learning to feed our bodies well and our souls with more Jesus. Making the days count has become a frequent topic of discussion in our family!