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Morning and Nighttime Routine

Skincare has not always been a priority for me!  I don’t wear tons of makeup, and I have always washed my face at night.  Actually establishing a routine of caring for my skin issues did not seem important!  Having babies, running a business from our home and having a husband in the ministry make for a tired moma!

A few years ago, I began to notice “issues” with my skin.  I had a few troublesome spots and breakouts have been an issue for me for many years!!

I am still not overly disciplined, which is an area I am working on in many areas in my life! I have 4 kids and some days, I just don’t make the time for myself.


My skincare routine is pretty simple. At night, I remove my makeup and wash my face.  I am not entirely happy with the product I currently use.  It has some questionable ingredients.  I will do a seperate post when I settle on one I love!

The blue bottle in the background is spray consisting of witch hazel, frankincense and lavender.  I spray this on a clean face at night.

Next, I apply eye cream.  I use Young Living Wolfberry eye cream. A tiny bit goes a long way! My under eye area has dramatically improved since I started using Wolfberry. I have no burning sensation (which I have had with other eye creams), and there is no residue, so I use this eye cream in the morning also.

Without fail, even when I am ready to crash, Frankincense comes next. My skin feels amazing since I implemented this step. I put about two drops on my fingertips. Then, I slather this all over my face.  Even when it feels like the Frank is gone, I continue to pat it around my face. I may use a drop here and there on areas that need it. I do this morning and night!! Some days, I add Lavender into the mix on my fingertips with the Frank.

The bottle you see with a gold label is organic Argan oil by Pura dor.  I purchase this from Amazon.  This can be used along with the Frank and Lavender. I use it as a carrier oil for other essential oils as well.

On occasion, I use Young Living Boswelia Wrinkle cream.  This is a thicker cream and contains Frankincense. Again, as with all of Young Living products, a tiny bit goes a long way!  The consistency of this cream makes it great for nighttime.

Young Living Satin Facial Scrub is a minty, gentle scrub, which I use two times a week in the morning shower.

Finally, my routine is not complete without Progessence Plus serum.  This product is for women, specifically over 35.  It makes me feel like a nice person every single day of the month. This goes on my wrists in the morning or early afternoon.  My experience with Progessence may be a bit different than some.  If I use Progessence at night, I am restless.  So, mornings or before 2 pm work best for me.  Many people feel sleepy if they use Progessence in the morning.  The beautiful thing about essential oils is that they adapt to our unique, individual needs!!!

What skincare do you love?  What non toxic brands do you use?







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