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What does classical education mean for us?

We have homeschooled for seven years!

Most people have ideas about what they think homeschooling means.

Are we a cult? Do we think we know better than public schoolers? Do we watch movies all day? Do we sleep late sometimes?

NO! NO! and NO! and Yes, of course the kids sleep in!  You don’t wake a sleeping baby!

We are a bunch of mostly crunchy moms who love our children and feel called to do this home education thing. We enjoy our CC day because that means adult conversation!

For us, homeschooling means freedom!  Boys have energy!  Homeschooling allows them the freedom to learn in different ways than public school does!

We have been a part of a Classical Conversations community for six years.  Classical education simply means memorizing tons of information in the early years to create a bank of knowledge for later years.

The younger children learn facts in seven subjects over 24 weeks each year.  The subjects include geography, English grammar, math, history, science, Latin and timeline!

CC includes 3 cycles of information covered over three years, so my kids are learning World History for two years and U.S. history for one year.  We meet as a community once a week!

Math stays the same each year.  The memorization includes skip counting to the 15’s and measurements and formulas.

Luke is a 2nd grader.  He started CC Foundations before he was actually in a class. He was two years old when we started with the older boys.  He sat in class with me though.  CC has moms in class with the kids.  Class is led by a parent tutor, mom is always considered the teacher (because we homeschool).  He played with cars in the floor and absorbed the information covered during class.  He entered an official class when h was 4.  This is his fourth year in a Foundations class.

As time has passed for us, I have noticed more and more the value of Classical Conversations.  This year, he is beginning to transition to multiplication in math.  He knows the multiplication tables through skip counting like the back of his hand!  He is breezing through what could be a very difficult transition from addition and subtraction to multiplication. I can only imagine how the information they have absorbed from the 7 subjects will enhance their learning!

My kids love CC day. So do I! Ella will be in a class next year. Samuel is currently in Challenge 1! Dillon will enter Challenge A after completing 6 years of Foundations and 2.5 years of Essentials!

Look for a future post on Essentials!  Intense English grammar and writing!


We are raising four blessings, seeking family adventure, learning to feed our bodies well and our souls with more Jesus. Making the days count has become a frequent topic of discussion in our family!

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