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Should I J.E.R.F.? Can I really Whole 30?

Ah! Healthy eating!  That is a serious goal of mine!!!  Since starting our label reading journey years ago (see previous post entitled “Reading Labels”), healthy eating has been in the back of my mind!  We already avoid food dyes (red-40 for example) like the plague. We don’t drink sodas.    I used to eat Little Debbie brownies for breakfast.  I have made progress.  But, I am still not where I need to be!

I did a short South Beach diet (12 days) a few years ago, sometime after Ella was born! I lost weight and felt great!  But, then, the real world kicked in, and chocolate came back into my life!  I like the idea behind South Beach, but the concepts weren’t quite right! I can’t eat sweet potatoes or fruit, but I can eat lunch meat?  That just didn’t work for me!

Months ago, my super-crunchy and knowledgeable-in-many-subjects friend, Jill, announced that she and her husband were doing a Whole 30.  She lists herself somewhere in internet world as Jill the J.E.R.F. (Just eat real food).  She is that friend that will, knowing you are trying to eat “right,” ask you what that is you are eating, as you scarf down some cheddar and sour cream chips at lunch on homeschool day! I love that about her!  I have had the privilege of eating at her home a few times.  Delicious, jerfy food!  Baked sweet potatoes with caramelized onion, goat cheese and b-b-q chicken on top.  I have recreated that one several times at home!

Whole 30 intrigued me! J.E.R.F-ing intrigued me, too!  Fast forward too many months, I am mentally preparing myself for a Whole 30.  Thirty days of eating real food!  Nothing processed; nothing created to be like processed.  There is no peanut butter allowed (not too sure about this one–I haven’t met an almond butter I like—I am planning to make my own in the Vitamix). Store bought ketchup, ranch dressing, and butter are out of the question!  I love butter!

It’s time, though!  It’s time I practice what I preach and lose a few pounds!  I want this to be a time of life change.  I love chocolate and sweets! But, it’s no secret that sweets are destructive!  I bit the bullet and ordered the Whole 30 cookbooks today! As stubborn as those in my family history are, I should be able to use that will power for good!

Have you done a Whole 30? Are you a J. E. R. F.?  I would love to know your tricks for staying the course!!!

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There are tons of Whole 30 facebook groups!  Check them out!

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Our society is too sick to deny that our food is one culprit!  I will update soon!!! Wanna join me?



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