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Family RV Adventure 2017, Part Two

Part two of this RV Adventure was an overall favorite of our family!

Summer has been busy and lazy at the same time, so, this week, I am catching up on our road trip!  If you missed part one, find it here:

We traveled from the Grand Canyon through some of the most remote country I could even imagine.  We only passed a few houses in the first 3 hours of driving! The wind in this area was almost frightening! Driving in a 30 foot RV and whipping wind in one direction made me trust in my husbands driving abilities even more than before!  He literally struggled to keep the RV on the road at times.

We traveled through Marble Canyon (google it, it’s amazingly beautiful) and through the North Rim area of the Grand Canyon and over to Zion National Park.

Notice the large boulder on top of this house!
Marble Canyon


We arrived at the Zion River RV Resort and Campground (about a 4 hour trip from the Grand Canyon) and relaxed for the remainder of this traveling day.   The grounds were immaculate, and the showers/bathrooms were mom approved (unlike the Grand Canyon campground showers).

At the showers late that night, a few of us were waiting outside on one of the boys to finish.  A lady and her daughter walked up and sat down.  It’s such a small world, y’all! She is a fellow homeschooling mom, a friend of friends that we have known for years.  They live 20 minutes from us in Georgia. And, we stayed at the same campground in Utah for the same two nights!  Crazy!

Zion National Park was on the agenda for the next day.  We heard rumors that the parking filled up by 8 or  9 am, so we planned to leave early.  This is so not our usual! We don’t go anywhere early!  But, this time, we made it to Zion by about 7:30 am!

Almost to the entrance to Zion National Park

The main part of Zion is in a sort of valley in between towering rocks on both sides! So, visitors park at the Visitors Center and ride free, propane fueled shuttles to the different stops.

There are truly no words for the beauty of God’s creation in this park!

Our first stop was the lodge.  We decided to hike the Emerald Pool trail, which takes you to a waterfall and Emerald Pool.  A new term I learned from this hike was scrambling.  Some of the hike was nice, more manicured trail, and some was rock that you had to scramble over (kind of like climb but not as much of an incline).


When our family hikes, Ella and I are in the back trying our hardest to keep up with the fit, athletic boys who walk lightning fast.  It was a good workout for the two of us! We came back down a different trail and, because the boys get so far ahead, they took a wrong turn, and we were separated for a short time!


We ended this trail back at the lodge.  Next, we traveled further into Zion to the Narrows and the Riverwalk Trail.  The Narrows are a trail that visitors can actually hike in the river.  It was some of the coldest water I have ever experienced.  The views from there were simply one of a kind!


There were several other hikes that we didn’t try!  One was called Angel’s Landing, where the trail is the only surface and to each side is cliffs!  My husband says this is a must do on the next trip to Zion.

We stayed at  the Zion River Resort again that night.

We left out early the next morning for Bryce Canyon.  The path to Bryce was beautiful! There was still snow on the ground on the top of one of the mountains we crossed (our trip was in the end of May).


Bryce Canyon was my favorite park of all of the ones we visited. We drove through the park and then settled on a hike at the Sunset and Sunrise Point trails.

We started the hike at Sunset Point.  The hike allowed us to experience the canyon from the very bottom, which provided amazing views of the hoodoos!  The trail was sandy and fairly easy to maneuver! This trail took us to the Queen’s Garden trail and the Navajo Loop trail. We ended at Sunrise Point.  I rate this hike as my favorite of all time!  It is a great family hike and short enough for a new hiker!  The views are unmatched!

The weather was perfect for hiking with a little breeze!  We eventually put on sweatshirts by the end of the hike.



We got to our campground for the night in a small town called Panguitch, Utah by about 10 pm.  We woke the next morning and were on the road again.

This was another remote trip to what seemed like the middle of nowhere!  We had booked a campground called Thousand Lakes RV Park for this night in Torrey, Utah.


We checked into the campground and went to explore Capitol Reef National Park.  This is one of the least visited National Parks. The trails do not have large parking lots and there is no transportation like Zion offered.


We hiked to one of the arches at Capitol Reef.

We did one hike in Capitol Reef and spent the evening at the campground.



The views were just too spectacular to do anything else!

Have you traveled out west? In an RV? What is the most remote area you have been to?




We are raising four blessings, seeking family adventure, learning to feed our bodies well and our souls with more Jesus. Making the days count has become a frequent topic of discussion in our family!

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  1. Mandy I am really enjoying reading about your family and the trip out west. Sounds like you had a really great and fun time. Hope you get to go back sometime!


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