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Back to School Already?


This summer is almost gone!

It will be hot here in Georgia until Christmas, so really Summer (summer=hot) will be here for a while!!

Our oldest son will go back to public school this year as a 9th grader.  He loves football and has goals that I am constantly amazed by!  He is so driven and determined!

We have homeschooled for 7 years, so the thought of him going back to public school brings a few challenges.


Focus for the entire day!

Getting enough sleep!

I am so thankful to have oils!  We started our Young Living journey a few years ago! I want to share some of the ways we will use essential oils in this busy, back to school season!

One of the first and most important reasons to use essential oils is sleep! How can we perform at our best or even be nice to others when we don’t sleep well?

Many times, our kids minds (and ours) race too much to get to sleep. We worry about the next day and what it will bring.  Or, we do not sleep well and are restless.

A terrible night’s sleep usually means a more difficult day!

Lavender essential oil promotes great sleep!  It helps to calm and ease the mind! So, how can you use Lavender?

The first way is to rub the oil on the bottoms of the feet or on your wrists!

The second way is to add a few drops of lavender to a diffuser!

The diffuser will scent the entire room with the calming, soothing properties of Lavender.  This is especially helpful if more than one person sleeps in the same room!


**Extra tip #1:

To bump up the relaxation and take it to the next level, add a couple of drops of Cedarwood essential oil.

yl cedarwood

**Extra tip #2:

When someone falls below the wellness line, sleep is crucial.  Sleep is often interrupted by the respiratory discomfort.

In this case,  a blend called R. C. is a great option to add to the diffuser if the discomfort is interrupting sleep.

R. C. is a blend containing Spruce, Cypress and three types of Eucalyptus.

This blend gives you the utmost in Respiratory Comfort!

R. C. can also be applied topically and throughout the day as needed. The bottoms of the feet or the chest area are great places to use this powerhouse!



Focus is a hot topic these days. So many people have focus issues!  This is a vital area for students and parents alike because we want to do our best in all things!

So, how can I use essential oils to support focus?

Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender essential oils have a rejuvenating and refreshing scent when diffused.  These oils are so versatile!  This combo also help support the body during seasonal suffering.  You know the time of year when the flowers bloom, or the hay is ready for cutting?


Peppermint alone can be applied under the nose and behind the ears to awaken the senses and uplift the spirits and diffused alone for the same purpose.

Extra tip #1:
Vetiver and Valor are also excellent for focus.


Who doesn’t need emotional balance? This moma sure does!!!!

Kids and teens ( and adults) have emotions that seem to be on a roller coaster at times.  Essential oils are so helpful and, for many of us even life changing, for emotional support!

Citrus oils are fabulous emotion supporters. Lemon is a great choice for this.

yl lemon

Diffusing Lemon is a great pick-me-up.  Lemon vitality can also be used by dropping one drop in a glass of water to support detoxification.

Young Living’s Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from the rind, so sensitivity issues are not a worry!

Another great essential oil for emotional support is Frankincense.  Frankincense has been used for centuries and is known as the “holy anointing oil.”  Frankincense was valued more than gold during ancient times.  Frankincense is a multi-tasker in your oil toolbox!

Orange and Joy are two other super charged emotional supporting oils!  These two can be used in the diffuser or applied topically. Orange vitality can also be ingested for a sweet addition to your drink!  Many ladies like to apply Joy as a perfume!

yl joy

yl orange eo

For emotional balance (with any of the oils listed above),, place a few drops in the palm of the hand and inhale deeply.  Then, rub the remainder on the back of the neck.

Diffusing Frankincense and Lavender together can bring emotional balance and calm support to those in the room!


Stress is another hot topic during back to school, the school year, and everyday! Right?

Who do you know who lives a stress-free life?  Likely, no one!

Young Living has a powerful blend called Stress Away!

This is a gentle, fragrant blend that brings a feeling of tranquility and peace.  It helps to relieve daily stress and tension.  Stress away can also support mental alertness and promote relaxation!

This is a blend of Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea and Lavender.

yl stress away

So, how can you use Stress Away?

Place a few drops on the inside of the wrist or the back of the neck and shoulders…or wherever tension support is needed!

Place a few drops in the diffuser and enjoy a less stressful environment in your home, classroom or work space. Or, place a drop in the palm of your hand and inhale (your personal diffuser).


One of the biggest concerns of Back to School season is immune support.  We all know how important a healthy immune system is when we are in close quarters with many other people.

Young Living has an amazing blend called Thieves.  It was used by four 15th Century thieves who robbed the dead and dying  plague victims and stayed well.  They did this by using a blend of herbs and breathing those in as they robbed the victims.  The thieves were eventually caught and forced to give their secret for avoiding the plague.

Thieves is a blend of Clove, Rosemary, Lemon, Cinnamon bark, and Eucalyptus Radiata.  The scent of this blend is truly a favorite!


This blend can be diffused for its lovely scent and also support the immune system at the same time.  The bottoms of the feet are a great area to apply Thieves topically.

Another immune supporting oil is Frankincense. We talked about Frankincense for emotional support!  So many oils are incredibly versatile!!

When feeling below the wellness line, a drop or two of Frankincense vitality, Lemon vitality and Thieves vitality can be added to a warm water or green tea to soothe and support the immune system (this is sometimes called Thieves tea).


Another great addition to your wellness arsenal is Ningxia Red. This is a must have for every member of the family!!!   This is a powerhouse of antioxidants and can improve energy levels and overall wellness.  Just drink 1-2 ounces per day.

mommas and kids #13 ningxia


Do you have an athlete in the house?  A teenager?  Maybe your child’s book bag has lunch still in it from a week ago?

Am I the only one?

Smells are a part of life.  We can suffer through them, or we can knock them out with Purification essential oil.

Purification is a blend of Citronella, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Lavandin and Myrtle.

This is a powerhouse for odors!

yl purification

How can you use it?

*You can place a few drops on a cotton ball and place in stinky shoes or trash cans.

*You can add a few drops to a spray bottle and fill with water to spray a bag, a rug or other surface after a foul scent is detected!

*Purification is also a great oil to add to a diffuser.

Does someone in your home burn food often? Maybe teenagers learning to cook, or husbands cooking venison or fish?  You know those odors can linger for days.

*Purification can also help to rid the pesky annoyances of spending time outdoors.

*Add a few drops of Purification and Lavender essential oil to wool dryer balls to ditch the toxic dryer sheets in the laundry room.  Fresh smelling laundry is rewarding!


So, what about aches and pains?  Our bodies need support in this area, whether we are athletes or just tired from sitting all day!

Panaway is a blend of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove and Peppermint.  This blend supports circulation, inflammation, and general support for achy areas!

yl panaway

Apply Panaway wherever there is a need, keeping away from the eyes and mucous membranes.

Extra tip:  Apply Panaway and layer Copaiba on top for a boost to the effects of the Panaway! Copaiba is an enhancing oil, so apply it with any oil to enhance the properties of that oil!



You know the feeling!  When a tummy needs support, it needs it quickly!  From eating too much, eating the wrong foods to the 24 hour nightmare…you know the one…we need support!

DiGize is your go to essential oil for this time!  DiGize is a blend of Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise and Patchouli!

How an I use DiGize?

*Apply a drop or two in a clockwise motion to the stomach area.

*Apply to other areas as digestive support is needed.

*Place one drop of DiGize under the tongue.
*Place a drop of DiGize vitality to a glass of water.

yl digize

Another option for digestive support is Peppermint.  These oils are so versatile that you can use Peppermint for focus and concentration support.  Then, use it to freshen your breath, support seasonal issues, and then use it to support digestion.

*Place a drop of peppermint over the stomach area.

*Place a drop of peppermint in a glass of water.


Essential oils don’t have to be complicated!  These easy DIY recipes are perfect for back to school time, but will also rock your work world and your mom world!!!



Essential oils have totally rocked our world!!  We use them for everything!!!  Not all oils are created equal, though!!!  Young Living’s essential oils are the purest oils…no fillers, no ethyl vanillan to make them smell sweeter, no junk! Just a bottle full of pure, powerful essential oil!!

yl are they safeDo youyl why young living


Do you use essential oils? You should!  You will never regret an investment in your wellness!!!!


We are raising four blessings, seeking family adventure, learning to feed our bodies well and our souls with more Jesus. Making the days count has become a frequent topic of discussion in our family!