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Living well!

Hello friends!!!

Essential oils play a huge role in our daily lives!  I cannot imagine my life now without them!  I want quality of life!  I want to live well and accomplish crazy amounts of things!  Essential oils help me daily!!

I tried lots of brands of essential oils before learning about Young Living!  I was on a search for replacements for the products we were currently using from the store.  Products that contained dyes and harmful toxins that I wanted away from!  I bought the oils at the health food store and grocery store and online retailers.  They smelled ok…a bit like a perfume.

Now I know why!  They basically are perfume oils…adulterated and mixed with fillers.  I saw no results…just a pleasant smell! Essential oils are not all the same!


I would never walk into that store in the mall and think I was purchasing a pure product that I could use for supporting my body systems. I will not trust any other company with my family’s wellness!!

When a friend told me about Young Living, I started to wonder what the difference was between those store oils and the YL ones.  Before I jumped in, I wanted to know what the big deal was.

I researched, and it was a HUGE deal!

I was very impressed with the quality promise and the integrity of the company!  This section of the website can give you an inside look at why Young Living’s oils are superior quality and provide superior support to every body system!  Check it out!  I am excited to visit a Young Living farm in the next few weeks!  Check back for an overload of pics and info on my family’s visit!!!


I was even more impressed by the  results I found in YL’s oils.

FB_IMG_1487855494155Every single body system!



Young Living offers a Premium Starter Kit that includes the following essential oils!




I diffuse Thieves almost every day for its immune supporting properties and yummy cinnamon scent!  I place about 10 drops into a spray bottle of water for ridding the home of germs.  Young Living has an entire line of Thieves products from toxin and fluoride free toothpaste to household cleaner that can be used on every surface in the home to hand sanitizer!!

yl lemon



Lavender is known as the Swiss Army knife of essential oils. We use this one for any skin issue and combine with Lemon and Peppermint for sinus support.  I enjoy diffusing Lavender with Cedarwood at night for a fantastic nights’ sleep!


Peppermint provides gastrointestinal support, headache support.  My favorite use for peppermint is under my nose for respiratory support.  Peppermint vitality (white label) can be added to recipes or a glass of water.  Peppermint can also help to freshen breath!


yl stress away

yl digize

yl panaway


yl purification


Stress Away does just that!  I place a drop or two on my wrists or behind my neck or in the diffuser!

DiGize provides digestive support. I use this one in extreme situations needing quick digestive support!  I rub a drop over the abdomen.  You can put a drop under the tongue or in a glass of water.

Panaway is a great oil for after workout and muscle soreness!

Frankincense is a calming oil.  It provides fantastic support to aging skin! Frankincense vitality can also be added to a Thieves tea.  This is one drop of Thieves, one drop Frankincense, 1 drop Lemon and 1 bag of Green tea.  This is a great, soothing tea for when you feel below the wellness line!

Purification rids the home of smells and can be used for a pest-free summer!  Purification contains citronella!  I place a cotton ball with Purification in our trash cans. I also place a couple of drops in a spray bottle and spray into stinky shoes!  Instead of using dryer sheets, I use wool dryer balls.  I place a drop of Purification and Lavender on the dryer ball before placing in the dryer!

R.C. is a must-have for our family!  When we need respiratory support, R.C. goes into the diffuser and on the chest.

Diffusing is just one way to use essential oils.

The Premium Starter kit comes with a diffuser for using essential oils aromatically.




These 11 oils are so versatile!  There are thousands of uses, and these are the ones I use the most in my daily life!


We diffuse in every bedroom at night because restful sleep is essential! We have 4 kids and love to have them wake up in a good mood!!

Every home needs these oils to ditch the many toxic products we are so accustomed to using!



Scroll down for a link to join my essential oil family!!


A few products I would suggest adding on to the Premium Starter kit include:



Ningxia Red is an antioxidant drink. I drink 1-2 ounces per day. It is amazing the difference I have seen in my energy levels.

yl ningxia2

Young Living has everything from toothpaste to shampoo to probiotics and now a non toxic mineral makeup line called Savvy Minerals!

yl savvy minerals.png



Essential Rewards has been a huge blessing to us!  We earn points each month (equal to dollars in oils).  This allows us to choose which oils to get for FREE!!!!  It’s simple! By purchasing a minimum of $50 per month, you earn lots of free products and bonuses!  You choose the products in your monthly shipment! You choose the ship date!


Click the link below to get started! By joining Young Living with a wholesale membership, you pay the wholesale price of 24% off retail.  You can log in to your YL account and restock and try new oils, and they ship to your home.  You are only required to purchase $50 per year to keep your account active!!

I am so excited to have you join my oily family! This kit is the only product Young Living offers at half price!! The value is over $340. The Premium Starter kit is only $160.